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Flight of the (Mechanical) Valkyries

By: Juan Miguel Salcedo

Vault has had five successful seasons of its EDH League and has seen both veterans and newbies enjoy the competition. With the fifth season about to begin, now would be a good time to give focus to a deck that has everyone confounded every time they face against it.

Teshar is an extremely unassuming legendary creature out of Dominaria. He's a 4-mana creature that helps you recover creatures from your graveyard provided you cast a Historic spell. Seems ok, right? But what if the deck is full of creatures who also count as historic spells? And if said historic spells also recover certain cards from your graveyard? These questions have led to the deck turning everything inside of it into a piece of a combo. More often than not, the deck can win as soon as Teshar hits the battlefield. At that point, most of the players at the table are only starting to set-up while the flying bird cleric uses and reuses its resources to gun the table down either with Perilous Myr or Walking Ballista or mill everyone out with Altar of Dementia.

But how does the combo work?

I would explain it, but someone else can do it far better than I ever will. Check out this article for a detailed breakdown of everything the deck can do:

I've personally faced-off against this deck on multiple occasions and even with the whole table cooperating to take it down, the deck would still find ways to win (somehow).

Competitors are already anticipating the return of this bird cleric and his pilot and are preparing anything and everything to shut down its graveyard so that the rest of the pod can play.


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