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Season’s Beatings

By: Juan Miguel Salcedo

Out for blood and glory, they are.

With the holidays reaching its climax, most everyone is preparing to meet their loved ones with gifts. They will brave long lines at department stores and brutal traffic congestion just to get the right gift at the right price.

But there are others who prepare for a different kind of battle.

The Vault began its EDH League last month with resounding success. The 40 or so players who participated in its first outing brought their A-Game, forged bonds, and created rivalries. The first season showed some surprising decks make top cut (such as a Borborygmos deck that is over 60% lands) and most cEDH decks being kept in check by the more "unusual" builds (also that same Borborygmos deck).

Now in its 2nd season, Vault's EDH League has given rise to more unusual decks that enter the competition (such as a Teshar deck that can suddenly mill you out from out of nowhere).

The League has shown that even the most budget of decks can hang with seasoned veterans and highlighted the skill levels of its various participants. For more information on the League's rules, click this link: .

Happy shuffling!

Awaiting their next competition, they are.

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