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The Vault App

By: Juan Miguel Salcedo

In spite of the pandemic, Magic: the Gathering has performed far better in the sales department than everyone expected, thanks in part to first-party online platforms such as Magic Online and Magic Arena. Local games stores also thrived amidst reduced foot traffic and pinched wallets. Heck, playgroups adapted to being at home 70-80% of the time by using technology to play with their paper decks via webcam.

..... I have no good segue to announce that Vault Card Shop now has an app.

If you've ever traversed Vault's website, the app is essentially the same thing. It showcases everything the store has and even how much is in stock. Once you're done checking the inventory, you can read through a handful of articles created by yours truly across a variety of topics.

The app's biggest - and most surprising - feature is a built-in life point tracker. Yes, you read that right. The app can not only satisfy your shopping needs for cardboard crack, it can also help you keep track of the gamestate. Whether it be for 1v1 or for a good ol' game of EDH, the app can accompany you and your opponent/s.

The app may still be in its infancy, but it can accomplish its primary purpose: provide information on prices of products.

Download the app exclusively on Google Play Store.

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