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Vault @ Atrium’s Shenanigans

Since MECQ protocols have changed, Vault @ Atrium has been hosting in-person events to satisfy that itch of combatting your opponent face-to-face (Side Note: ALWAYS wear a mask and PLEASE get vaccinated when you can. It's for the sake of everyone's safety and health.)

Let's first talk about the most recent TCG Vault has taken keen interest in: Flesh & Blood. This relatively new game from New Zealand has been making waves in the west and doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon (even in the midst of its most explosive surge in popularity being stunted by the pandemic). To know more about this game, head to their official YouTube channel for tutorials and gameplay.

Vault has been hosting two kinds of events with this TCG: FaB-ulous Blitz (Look, the initials of Flesh & Blood are FaB. The joke is right there!) and Monarch Pre-Con Blitz.

Every Thursday, from 6:30 - 9 pm, Vault hosts a Blitz event. This is a format where players bring a 52-card deck (40 cards in the main deck plus up to 12 cards in the sideboard) and duke it out against fellow players. The goal of the game is simple: reduce your opponent's life to zero as you play your cards and defend against your opponent's offense.

Every Sunday, from 2 - 5 pm, Vault hosts a Blitz event with a twist. Players will be playing said format but only using the pre-constructed decks that came along with FaB's Monarch booster box. All 4 decks are built to be playable out of the box and can be easily upgraded from that point as they contain pieces that are core to their strategies.

There is no entrance fee for both events. Just come in, sit down, await to be paired with an opponent, and SPILL THEIR BLOOD FOR THE GLORY OF BATTLE!!!

.......... wow, things got intense for a second there. *cough* *cough*

Every Friday (6:30 - 9 pm) and Saturday (2 - 5 pm), Vault hosts Duel Commander with two small caveats: the deck's budget must not exceed $100 and everyone's life total is at 30 rather than the usual 20. This has led to games being played rather fairly and games going beyond 5 turns on average. Remember: mulligan until you have at least one removal spell in hand. Hehe.

Every Monday, from 6:30 - 9 pm, Vault hosts the format we all know and love: Multiplayer Commander. Just 3-6 people duking it out with their 100-card decks until one man is left standing.

Once again, there are no entrance fees for these events. Just come in and play!

Happy shuffling!

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