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Godo vs Tymna/Thrasios vs Jhoira vs Gitrog- Competitive EDH – Playing With Power MTG

Decklists Godo: Tymna/Thrasios: Jhoira: Gitrog: Most Valuable Card: Get 10% off Orders $10 or more at Flipside Gaming Enter Promo Code "POWER" (all caps) Get Access to our Discord, extra videos and more from Patreon! Follow Us on Social Media Twitter: Facebook: Gauntlet App: We are back with another gameplay from MagicFest Vegas! We attended MagicFest Vegas this year and had a great time meeting all of you and jamming some really fun games with you all! We will also be attending SCGCon's commander celebration this November 14th -17th, so if you want to jam some games and possibly be on the channel, we hope to see you there!

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