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About Us

Vault Card Shop was founded in 2014 with the vision of providing one of the best Magic the Gathering Card Inventories plus a complete inventory of MTG accessories and storage.  Throughout the years we have sought to help support and build card gaming communities in the Philippines.  We continually do our best to improve our service and inventory so that each customer interaction will be enjoyable and worthwhile. We are located at Unit 123, Upper Ground Floor, Circuit Lane, Barangay Carmona, Makati City. In 2021 we finally expanded to support a new Trading Card Game: Flesh and Blood, and are currently building the card game’s community in the Philippines.  We are committed to continuous improvement everyday in inventory, technology and most importantly, service.

Over time our business model has evolved to include posting inventory online in order to sell to customers via shipping.  We have many satisfied customers here in the Philippines and around the world.  In 2019 we first ventured into E commerce with the launch of our website:  In 2021 we finally launched our app via Google Play store and the Apple Store. Truly it is a thrill to adapt to the needs of an ever changing world.

Every Vault Card Shop location is manned by a person who is passionate about trading card games.  You can come in to shop, and for sure you will also have someone to play with.  We are very happy to share our considerable knowledge of card games to help you improve your skills.

One of the reasons why people buy Trading Card games is to foster face to face interactions that help to build lifelong friendships.  More than just the value of the cards which tend to rise over time, its playing with fellow collectors that makes the experience so much fun. Every Vault Card Shop location has a comfortable, clean, and safe play area for all.  Our greeting and salute is always: Happy Shuffling!

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