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Outsiders Previews Include Hybrid Gem Fable, Five Legendary Cards, And Three New Heroes

Take a look at the marquee cards you’ll want to open and meet the new heroes in the upcoming Flesh and Blood set Knives Out illustrated by Henrique Lindner Flesh and Blood’s ninth expansion, Outsiders, comes out next Friday. Almost all of the cards have been previewed, including the fable, five legendary cards, new heroes, and […] - Read More

Magic’s Full Set Release Schedule For 2023 Revealed

Here’s what the next year’s worth of sets will look like for Magic: The Gathering ByJohn Hall March 15, 2023 Wizards of the Coast (WotC) has revealed details for each major Magic set release coming in 2023. Dominaria Remastered – January 13, 2023 Dominaria Remastered is a non-Standard supplemental set that “reaches across Magic‘s sets to bring […] - Read More

Commander Deep Dive: March Of The Machine’s Jin-Gitaxias

Jin-Gitaxias is lying in wait, ready to transform your Commander experience. Bennie Smith shares ways to build around the March of the Machine preview. By Bennie Smith March 13, 2023 Jin-Gitaxias, illustrated by Julian Kok Joon Wen In the teases we got for March of the Machine, what really popped for Commander fans were the legendary “team-up” […] - Read More

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