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News and Videos


By: Juan Miguel Salcedo As of the writing of this article, the entire country is under lockdown due to a global pandemic. A curfew has been set to hinder the disease from infecting any more than it already has. Streets, malls, and even restaurants are empty due to a recent executive order to prevent the […] - Read More


By Gavin Verhey The mystery is out! Last weekend at MagicFest Richmond, players finally got to take a peek inside Mystery Booster: Convention Edition and see exactly what was happening. And . . . it was a huge hit! Firing off a whopping 261 drafts (about three times what a new set might usually do at a MagicFest) […] - Read More

Flight of the (Mechanical) Valkyries

By: Juan Miguel Salcedo Vault has had five successful seasons of its EDH League and has seen both veterans and newbies enjoy the competition. With the fifth season about to begin, now would be a good time to give focus to a deck that has everyone confounded every time they face against it. Teshar is […] - Read More

Is Green too good?

By: Juan Miguel Salcedo Short answer: Yes, Green is indeed too good. Green has always been seen as the best color to go into when you want to ramp ahead. While seeing a Blue/X deck will already set off alarm bells around the table, a Green/X deck will either cause everyone to already panic or […] - Read More