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News and Videos

Flight of the (Mechanical) Valkyries

By: Juan Miguel Salcedo Vault has had five successful seasons of its EDH League and has seen both veterans and newbies enjoy the competition. With the fifth season about to begin, now would be a good time to give focus to a deck that has everyone confounded every time they face against it. Teshar is […] - Read More


Announcement Date:December 2, 2019 Pioneer: Once Upon a Time Field of the Dead Smuggler’s Copter The list of all banned cards in Pioneer is here. Effective Date:December 3, 2019 Next Pioneer Banned Announcement: December 9, 2019 Over the last several days, a series of Pioneer PTQ tournaments were held as a part of Magic Online‘s Pioneer week. […] - Read More


By Blake Rasmusse Pioneer—a new nonrotating format featuring cards from Return to Ravnica and forward—is coming to tabletop and Magic Online events very soon! Why a new format, and why now? And where and when will you be able to play it? Excellent questions, all! This Thursday, October 24, Aaron Forsythe and Max McCall will be on Weekly MTG […] - Read More


By Mark Heggen I was in fifth grade in 1993 when Beta released. My friends and I bought as many Starter Decks as our allowances would permit, but to actually get enough cards to make playable decks, we each picked a color and blindly traded everything else to each other, so I ended up with […] - Read More