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News and Videos


By: Juan Miguel Salcedo As of the writing of this article, the entire country is under lockdown due to a global pandemic. A curfew has been set to hinder the disease from infecting any more than it already has. Streets, malls, and even restaurants are empty due to a recent executive order to prevent the […] - Read More

The $30 Challenge

By: Juan Miguel Salcedo (reposted from June 2020) Hello everyone! I’m back. Yes, it has been a while. But I thought this little development deserved time in the spotlight. From the time I spent working at Vault, I’ve seen a wide array of players. Some play on tight budgets and slowly upgrade their deck. Others […] - Read More


By Blake Rasmusse Pioneer—a new nonrotating format featuring cards from Return to Ravnica and forward—is coming to tabletop and Magic Online events very soon! Why a new format, and why now? And where and when will you be able to play it? Excellent questions, all! This Thursday, October 24, Aaron Forsythe and Max McCall will be on Weekly MTG […] - Read More

The Vault App

By: Juan Miguel Salcedo In spite of the pandemic, Magic: the Gathering has performed far better in the sales department than everyone expected, thanks in part to first-party online platforms such as Magic Online and Magic Arena. Local games stores also thrived amidst reduced foot traffic and pinched wallets. Heck, playgroups adapted to being at […] - Read More