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Dawn of the Phyrexian Invasion – Official Cinematic Trailer – Dominaria United | The Brothers’ War

Reinvent the Past. Retake the Future  ”
Returning to a pivotal story of Dominaria's — and Magic's — history, what started as a feud between Urza and Mishra erupted into an all-out war that set into motion the future of the plane and Multiverse itself. Through the lens of Dominaria's locations, characters, and victims of the conflict, we'll see a plane-spanning conflict escalate with artifacts, giant artifact creatures, and beyond.[4][11] This is the second part of the four-set Phyrexian story arc where the fate of Dominaria — and the Multiverse — is set to unravel.[5] As we follow familiar Planeswalkers traveling to one of Dominaria's key historical moments, we'll learn more about the people and places of the time.[12][13] The fate of the future might be rooted in the past. The cards that represent the Story Spotlights in The Brothers' War are:

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