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Magic the Gathering 2012 – Gather Your Allies

Rule change

The Magic 2012 core set introduced the wording shortcut "dies." The word "dies" on a Magic card simply means "is put into a graveyard from the battlefield." The two phrases are interchangeable. Similarly, the word "died" means "was put into a graveyard from the battlefield." The term "dies" is used only if a creature is moving from the battlefield to a graveyard and only if the effect doesn't care which player's graveyard the creature is put into. (The complete phrase "is put into a graveyard from the battlefield" is used if the object is likely to have a different card type.) Many older cards would be updated in the Oracle card reference to use this new term. This was not a functional change.

Mechanics and themes

Magic 2012 also introduced a new keyword in Hexproof, which is similar to Shroud except the controller of the permanent can still target it.[17] This ability used to be colloquially referred to as "Troll Shroud" in reference to Troll Ascetic, one of the first and most popular cards with that mechanic. The keyword Bloodthirst returned after its initial appearance in Guildpact and a small cameo in Future Sight. Unlike its appearance in Guildpact, Bloodthirst was particularly focused in black on its Vampire tribe. The set also saw the return of Planeswalkers, though it wasn't restricted to the original Lorwyn 'walkers as Gideon Jura and Sorin Markov had cards in the set. For the first time, three new Planeswalker cards were made for a core set. Like in Magic 2011, these planeswalkers had a number of cards referencing to them.

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